Tyler's journey to CrossFit began soon after his collegiate football career came to an end. As a physical education major and somebody who had always been deeply involved in athletics, it was a natural evolution. When football ended, Tyler felt a void in his daily life and was eager to find a new community of likeminded individuals. All it took was one single class and the fire was reignited. Disciplined people, a fun and engaging social network, and functional fitness; what was there not to love? After a year of training and learning the nuts and bolts of being a CrossFit athlete, Tyler decided to pursue his career as a coach so that he could help others learn and grow along their own journeys.

As a coach, Tyler's overarching goal is to support each person that he works with in the pursuit of becoming better. The interactive and social nature of the job suits his desire to build meaningful relationships and be deeply engaged in his work. Through CrossFit, lessons of all kinds are taught and reinforced. These lessons transcend the confines of the gym and can and should be brought into all aspects of life. It is Tyler's mission to facilitate this growth within himself and all of those whom he coaches.

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • MA & NH Physical Education Teacher Cert.

  • CPR and First Aid