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Weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, health, before and after, nutrition, CrossFit
Weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, health, before and after, nutrition, CrossFit

I’ve only been at CrossFit Nashua for about a year but I thought I would share how CrossFit in general has completely changed my life and CrossFit Nashua is only continuing to help me where I want to get to today.
 The first photo is back from 2011, I was 280 lbs, a junior in high school and completely down on myself purely based on my weight.
    In my freshman and junior year of college. I ran the New Bedford half marathon both years and went from a time of 2:18 down to a 1:42. In between those years I started CrossFit at seaside CrossFit in wareham ma (15 min from school). I fell in love with the workouts, coaches and people in the gym.
     The second photo is from this August (2020). I’m finally getting closer to where I wanna be and CrossFit Nashua is helping me put the final touches on. During this time I was away from the gym due to the military but I was still doing workouts posted online and taking old workouts I looked up. I was also the physical fitness officer while at training so the rest of the platoon got to experience these workouts as well and I got more people interested in the sport.
     From May to August I’m down from 225 to now 205. The ultimate goal is to get to 195-200 and improve my gymnastics skills in order to compete in competitions. Not much of a “short” write up but I wanted to let you know where I’ve been to see where I want to get to.


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Weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, health, before and after, nutrition, CrossFit
Weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, health, before and after, nutrition, CrossFit


Closing in on 40 and being out of shape my entire life, I went searching for something that was going to help me break free of a lifetime spent not caring about diet or exercise. Having half-heartedly tried joining a couple of gyms over the years, I found that I lacked the knowledge and discipline to get fit on my own. I was the heaviest I’d ever been, had a diet that consisted largely of carbs covered in sugar, couldn’t carry my son up the stairs without getting winded and I felt depressed.

I walked into Crossfit Nashua and immediately noticed there were no weight machines, treadmills or televisions — just a bunch of metal rigging, barbells and stacks of weights. No fluff…just raw, primal fitness training. I didn’t know the first thing about lifting weights and assumed that I’d simply found the next thing I wouldn’t stick with — but I at least wanted to give it a try. After the first workout, I was absolutely hooked. Over the first few weeks and months, I learned this was more than just a place to work out — the coaches cared deeply about my form. They took the time to explain everything we were going to do, sometimes several times since I was new and a slow learner. They connected the dots between proper exercise, diet and sleep. They knew when to push me harder and when to let me decide how hard I could go. But it’s the sense of community they foster that brings it all together. No matter your level of fitness or ability, you *belong* at Crossfit Nashua. Whether you’re the fastest or the slowest, everyone is part of your success.

Two years later, I’m in the best shape of my life and doing things I’ve never thought possible. I’m climbing ropes and mountains, chasing my kids and running obstacle course races. I’ve participated in several Crossfit competitions — things that were literally impossible when I started. I’ve cut out 95% of the junk in my diet and actually enjoy eating healthy and whole foods. I need no motivation to be active 5-6 days a week — I crave it physically and mentally. My wife and two boys started doing Crossfit shortly after seeing some of the early results, and it’s brought us closer together as a family.

Stepping into Crossfit Nashua absolutely changed my life! The workouts push me each day to be better than yesterday. The programming has built strength, flexibility and physical ability. The nutritional education has tremendously improved my diet, and the community has helped me surround myself with people who truly make me better. I don’t feel like I’m paying for fitness training — I truly believe I’m investing in the most important thing in the world…myself!

Strength, confidence, muscle gain, fitness, health, nutrition, CrossFit


It was supposed to be temporary, this whole CrossFit thing. My passion has always been horses – riding horses, caring for horses, competing horses. Until one winter, circumstances left me without a horse to ride, or even take care of, for about a 4 month window. I looked around for something to help me kill the time until I resumed riding again, and landed on CrossFit, largely because a friend of mine had posted about his CrossFit adventures on facebook on occasion and it seemed kind of cool, from a distance.

On my way to my first intro to CrossFit class, I stopped at Sports Authority because I did not own a single pair of sneakers, and the only shorts I owned were cotton casual shorts. I changed in my car before completing the drive to CrossFit. When most of the first intro class covered barbell work, I was dismayed, as I had no idea CrossFit involved lifting weights (!!) and I had never touched a barbell in my life and at age 47, had zero desire to start now. But I paid for 2 intro classes, and by golly, I’d attend both. Something hit me on the 2nd class, and I decided to stick with it.

What followed was a litany of embarrassments for me…finishing last every.single.workout. Using an empty barbell because I was too weak to lift it once I put plates on it. And the first day the snatch was introduced will live in infamy with me. I couldn’t do it with an empty barbell. I couldn’t do it with a 15 lb training bar. I couldn’t do it with a flimsy PVC pipe. The coach showed me some shoulder mobility exercises to work on while the rest of the class did snatch lifts. But while I was personally mortified by all of this, the support from everyone around me was amazing and unexpected. I wasn’t looked down on because I was slow and couldn’t lift. People would finish their workout and come cheer me on as I staggered through mine long after they were finished. Sometimes they would join me and do the exercises side-by-side with me until I was done. Community in CrossFit is not a myth, it’s real.

Once I started CrossFit, there was no way I was abandoning it when I resumed riding horses again, I’d just have to find the time and make it work. And along the way, something crazy happened. Physically, I have a host of issues (if I was a horse, I would have been sent to the glue factory years ago): lifelong asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, osteopenia, and, a few years before I started this CrossFit adventure, I had part of a lung removed. Earlier in my life, I had done quite of bit of hiking in the mountains, but my breathing had gotten so bad, I had long thought my hiking days were over. 10 months after starting CrossFit, I hiked my first mountain in 20 years. After a year and a half of CrossFit, I did a Presidential Traverse across 7 of the tallest mountains in New Hampshire – a long time bucket list item for me. 2 years after starting CrossFit, I took up winter hiking, which requires carrying packs of 30+lbs of survival gear, and hiked 17 mountains in 3 months.

Somewhere in this time frame I ran my first ever 5k, and then went on to run several more. And I rode my horses better. My long time instructor commented on more than one occasion about the improvement of my riding since I started CrossFit. While all of this activity was wonderful, the turnaround in my health has been just as wonderful. My breathing is much better and is allowing me to do the hikes and runs I never thought I’d be able to. They are done slowly, but that’s ok! When I get the occasional RA flare, I recover from it quicker. I had my first bone density test in 2008, at which point I was diagnosed with Osteopenia. I had another bone density test in 2014, which showed additional bone loss had occurred. I am now 50 years old and my Rheumatologist was recently contemplating that I should start taking Fosamax, a drug that I really want to avoid, if at all possible. Before making his final decision, I was sent for another bone scan. And at the age of 50, I had managed to reverse the trends. My bone density has actually improved since 2014: +10.1% better density in my spine and +8.2% in my hip! The one major lifestyle change since 2014 for me? Adding CrossFit. I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet, at least for the time being. And in the meantime, there are more mountains to hike, more horses to ride, and more snatches to lift.

Weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, health, before and after, nutrition, CrossFit


I took my first CrossFit Nashua class on March 2 of last year (2015). I didn’t know how to clean, snatch, kip, front squat, ring dip, or Double Under. There were so many acronyms, it was like learning a new language. I didn’t understand what appeared to be the random nature of our training regimen, who was responsible for it or why I was always so damn sore. The coaching staff was doing everything they could to keep me safe by scaling my routines to my level of ability.


I liked my 5:30 class mates: They made me feel welcome; they all gave me hints; and cheered me on. Over time, I got the hang of the CrossFit jargon, I got stronger, I learned new skills and my body started to change. I’ve always exercised but never at the level intensity I’ve been able to sustain with CrossFit Nashua. We all win when we’re trying our hardest to keep up with athlete that’s just ahead of us or giving it our all to stay ahead of the person who’s close behind. With the support of my classmates and great coaching, CrossFit Nashua has provided me with a level of fitness I’ve never had before.


Candidly, I will probably never fully understand Eric’s training methodology but here’s the proof that it works. I’m in my 50’s so I get a comprehensive annual physical every March. I have the results of the physical I got last year (2 weeks after joint CF Nashua) to compare with this year’s. I’m over 6 lbs. heavier and I have 3.7 lbs. less body fat. No matter what your age or level of fitness, CrossFit Nashua has the training methodology and the expert staff to change the way you live the rest of your life.

Weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, health, before and after, nutrition, CrossFit
Weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, health, before and after, nutrition, CrossFit


One word- “Unbelievable!”

I was looking for something different than just lifting weights and running on a treadmill. I saw a CrossFit challenge on T.V. and knew that’s what I wanted to do. When I joined I took part in the Fitness Challenge. I figured jump in with both feet and see what I can accomplish in 30 days with proper diet and a new way to challenge myself.

Eric, Phil and Sarah are fantastic! They teach me each of the moves (and correct me on each of the moves) every workout. Amy’s been great with the diet information and recipes. It’s a great challenge each and every workout. Nothing is the same; different every day.

The group of people I’ve met and workout with are supportive, funny and keep me “in check”- great environment to push yourself, and be pushed. I’ve been hitting The Box 3-4 times a week in my first month. My goal is 5 days a week. I’m into my “second 30” at The Box and enjoying it. I recommend this program to everyone I talk to!

Weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, health, before and after, nutrition, CrossFit
Weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, health, before and after, nutrition, CrossFit


 1years doing CrossFit

My entire life I have been active in sports but never enjoyed working out. I would eat whatever I would want and not worry about a thing. It was when a friend of mine told me about this thing called “CrossFit” and how awesome it was.

After two months of making excuses to not try it out, I finally did and my life has TRULY been changed from a health, confidence, discipline, and eating (paleo) perspective ever sense! Crossfit Nashua is an incredible box; from the people to the coaches, to the workouts to the knowledge of how to program and push everyone everyday.

When I first came into crossfit (In September) I weighed 207 and now right at 5months, I weigh 186 and feel like a new person! I never want to see the old me ever again. Thank you Crossfit Nashua for changing my life for good!



Even when your over 40 you can get in the best shape of your life. I was always very active before CrossFit Nashua. But I’m convinced there is no better way to take your fitness to the next level. Or maybe a several levels. I love the workouts and the people. The support is great, and there is always instruction and motivation to do your best. I’ve been working out consistently for over 16 years, but CrossFit Nashua got me in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and I’m having the most fun doing it.




CrossFit Nashua has been a life changer, and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since the early days of being in the military. I had basically resigned myself to being in a mid-40s, quickening-decline to out of shape despite my many efforts to work out at the local gym. I’d lift weights, go on the elliptical machine, and be mind-numbingly bored without much success. Since a friend introduced me to CrossFit Nashua, I’ve found myself looking forward to working out and the exceptional community that Eric and his team have helped create. I hadn’t realized how much I missed—and how much fun it is—to see how far I can still go physically. The cool part is that each of the exercises can be tailored to what I can do now, so I push myself yet still am able to keep up at the level I can handle. Eric and his team have been great to work with as I set my own personal goals and find a road to achieve them. Plus, it’s a blast!




CrossFit and the paleo lifestyle have changed my life forever. I have never felt this amazing!! Since the age of 15 I have suffered with rheumatoid arthritis. I could barely walk up the stairs or even hold a hair brush. The medicine never took my pain away. My husband convinced me to try CrossFit with him. That was the first day of a healthy happy me! Everyone was so supportive and encouraging. I have never felt so healthy and confident in my life. I no longer take any medications and have been symptom free since changing my life style. This is the first time since 15 that I have zero aches and pains. I never thought living a pain free life was attainable until I walked through the doors of CrossFit Nashua .





I can’t begin to say how much CrossFit Nashua has changed my life for the better. Before CFN, I was always starting the week with a new diet plan or DVD workout schedule, and by midweek I was off it. The first day I went to CFN it was something totally different, it kicked my butt and at the end of the day I was hooked. I’m two months in and I have already seen changes that I would never see at a gym or with home workout DVD’s. My joints don’t hurt anymore, I have had no trace of GERD and my knee issues are no where to be seen. I have already seen changes in my body, strength, flexibility and also a better outlook on life, I don’t mind what the scale says at the beginning of the day, because I know it’s not the only measurement of success, CFN has taught me that there are other ways to measure success. The best things about CFN are the workouts are always changing and are challenging, the camaraderie you get from seeing the same group of people everyday, and I can’t stress the coaches. The coaches are better then any personnel trainer I have ever had, they push me everyday to go above and beyond what I thought I was capable of achieving, they are always positive and they are always there to help me with better form and technique. Thank you CFN, and I look forward to achieving more goals in 2013 and beyond.

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