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I first started working out to loose weight and to look a certain way, but along this journey of fitness and crossfit Ive learned that it’s not just a look that I am trying to achieve anymore, it’s become a lifestyle. After every workout I always leave the gym feeling better than I did when I entered, especially when I hit a PR, I get a crazy high from it. Day after day after day, from workout to workout, from month to month, I’ve learned that the more I have become a better athletes and improve in any area, the more confident I become as a person, and I’ve also learned that I am much more capable of putting out more of myself not just in the gym but in everyday life. Pushing myself in these workouts and completing them just shows me I can translate that to my everyday personal goals and career. Ive learned there are only a small percentage of people in the world who try an stay fit and active and I know there are even a smaller percentage who are craziest enough to push themselves like the way we do everyday, every Week, and every month in class, and that just instills more confidence in myself as a person, that I get up to do what most people won’t do and I ask myself, how much more capable am I? That is what Ive learned in this journey of fitness.


Mike Melendez

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