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Top 5 CrossFit Shoes

#1 AND #2 TIE – The Inov8 F-lite 235 V2, and the F-lite 250.

Fit: 10

Performance: 10

Value: 9

These are just the perfect shoe for CrossFit. They are the lightest CrossFit shoe out there, and ergonomically the best for running. The soles are supportive enough where I also enjoy lifting in them. The major difference between the two is the 250s have a 8mm drop, where the 235s have 0 drop (the heal is level with the toes). So if you have some mobility issues in your ankles, I recommend the 250s. They both hold up really well over time so you without a doubt get your moneys worth. The only downside is there aren’t many colors.

#3 – The Reebok Nano

Fit: 8

Performance: 9

Value: 5

The Nano changes so much each year, but has consistently had some good versions. They are a great all around shoe, supportive but not clunky. The one downside is that the soles wear fast, and they tend to breakdown quickly.

#4 – Nobulls

Fit: 6

Performance: 7

Value: 8

I really like the idea behind the Nobulls as a company. They are a well-made shoe, simple, and hold up well over time. They don’t seem great for running as they are a bit heavy and stiff, but are a good option for those with wider feet.

#5 – Nike Metcon

Fit: 5

Performance: 7

Value: 8

This shoe is the closest to a regular sneaker out of all of the CrossFit Shoes I have tried on. It has a stiffer sole then most of the others, so it feels a bit clunky. For those that have a wider foot, this is a good option as it is wider than the other shoes I have tried on. They also seem to hold up over time well, so if you like them, it’s a good investment. I also noticed my ankles felt as if they were being forced to collapse in when I walked around in them, so for me, this wasn’t a good fit.


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