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Legends Class (Seniors Fitness 55+)

Research shows that the development of chronic disease and other health risk factors later in life is not due solely to aging alone. Decrease in activity level and a lack of adapting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be significant factors.


The Legends class at CrossFit Nashua is focused on pushing back against this decline in health. It is tailored to adults at or near retirement age and beyond who refuse to accept a sedentary lifestyle as “the norm” for older adults.

What to expect in our Legends class:


  • Lower impact workouts tailored specifically for adults 55+

  • A professional, knowledgeable coach with experience working with adults 55+

  • Strength training to improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, joint mobility, and bone density

  • Conditioning to improve cardiovascular health, endurance, and stamina

  • A fun and encouraging community of similar-aged athletes

  • Extensive warmup time at the beginning of class and cool down/stretching at the end

  • Lower music level so instruction is heard loud and clear


Our goal is to ensure every athlete in our Legends class gets a fun, safe, and effective workout each day in order to maintain the ability to take care of themselves outside of the gym well into their 90’s and beyond!


To sign up for a class, send an email to or call 603-595-6400.

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